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Advancing Leadership Capabilities 

in Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Building Effective Teams

Form leaders and advance their leadership abilities.


Cornerstone Impact is the leading company for personal growth and professional development.


We create impact through conversations “around the fire,” a place where people gather to share stories, visions, dreams of leadership, team building, faith, and life coaching.  For centuries people gathered around the fire to hold deep, and impactful conversations that make a difference. Cornerstone Impact uses this great tradition to train leaders and teams on positive attitudes, mindsets, the power of self-belief, effective communication through motivation, engaging talks, challenging exercises, and activities.


We at, Cornerstone Impact, invite leaders and individuals to “gather around the fire” to have deep and impactful conversations that inspire them to build better businesses and organizations, drive results, equip and empower their teams, have tough conversations, brainstorm new ideas, and navigate changes and difficult moments. We aim to strengthen your team and build a community within your organization.