Legacy Dialogues are facilitated conversations with our elderly, in retirement and nursing communities, that capture their stories and experiences in order to inspire, transform, and add value to younger generations creating a legacy for themselves that last a lifetime. 



Inspired by my Grandfather in Kenya, who held conversations around the fireplace in his home. I witnessed first-hand the impact of those stories and conversations, his legacy, and the legacy of the people he served in his life live on.



Legacy Dialogues, Bring Connection.

Our elderly will connect their past to the present and inspire the future by sharing their stories and narratives with the young generations.



For centuries people gathered around the fire to hold deep, and impactful conversations that make a difference. We believe that by helping our elderly share their stories, encounters, and experiences can help in healing and promoting wellness of the mind for oneself and others.


We at Cornerstone facilitate these dialogs in several formats:


  • Training staff on how to effectively communicate, start the dialogues, share stories with their clients, and have meaningful conversations.

  • Connecting the nursing or retirement community with outside groups in facilitating dialogues in which the elderly share their stories and experiences with these groups. These groups could include; schools, university students, young professionals, and or high-level executives.

  • Facilitating Legacy Dialogues as a scheduled activity within the home where the elderly share their stories with each other.

Legacy Dialogues provide an opportunity for your clients to share their story, experience, and expertise to make an impact that last a lifetime!

Stories heal. 

Stories connect generations. 

They form a common ground to develop and deepen relationships.