Building Inter-Cultural Communication and Competencies


This is a highly engaging and interactive training normally done as a 2-day workshop or spread out over a period of sessions. 

Communities and Workforce are increasingly becoming diverse, encouraging sensitivity and understanding in the workplace is a top priority for organizations everywhere.



This Diversity and Intercultural Competency Training equips organizational teams and leaders to:

  • Understand Culture, the beauty of diverse cultures and how it works.

  • Understand Intercultural Competencies and communication

  • Identify “bridge builders” and “bridge blockers” to your successful intercultural communication.

  • Strategies for Effective Intercultural Communication- reduce miscommunication, increase effectiveness, and build stronger working relationships.

  • Learn how to manage Diverse workforce, embrace differences with more ease and confidence

  • Discover practical tools to reduce misunderstandings and strengthen inclusivity, Practice, and receive feedback, on bridging strategies in situations that are real and relevant for you.

  • Engage in conversations and share their stories different backgrounds to establish common ground

  • Help employees at all levels cope with cultural and gender differences

  • Help all employees create a more harmonious, open workplace no matter what their cultural background.

  • Learn Interculturally Competent Patterns and Practices, and understanding obstacles to effective intercultural relations

  • Tap into their creativity and work through Intercultural leadership and communication issues and Developing Intercultural Competency Action plans (DICAP)

  • Develop holistic strategies that consider influencing factors such as history, context, and structure of the interaction.

  • Develop high-impact, creative bridging solutions to both prepare for and repair intercultural relationships.


Strengthen leaders build strong teams, improve communication, promote diversity & inclusion and maximize potential

Are Personality Clashes Affecting Productivity & Teamwork in Your Organization?

“The first person I must know is myself; this brings self-awareness. The first person I must get along with is myself; this leads to a healthy self-image. The first person to cause me problems is myself; admitting truth yields self-honesty. The first person I must change is myself; this empowering attitude paves the way to self-improvement.” - John Maxwell

Are you ready to help your team and leaders to:

• Know and understand themselves and know others and their communication styles.
• Become a better leader, communicator and team member
• Be a bridge builder and to create highly effective interpersonal relationships at work and at home
• Discover your strengths, communication styles and enhance teamwork and collaboration. 
• Communicate, connect and create a collaborative team or community

“The DISC Workshop reveals your natural communication style, alerts you to clues for reading another person's style, and gives you methods for adapting your style to be more effective with others.” Michael Wilkinson

In this Fun, Engaging and Educational DISC Workshop

you will learn:

  • How to Understand Your behavior, Personality, How to thrive at work (in what area of work), strengths and decode communication by using Disc Profiles

  • Learn how to Increase your one-on-one communication effectiveness with peers, subordinates, clients and friends. Use a simple approach to define and identify the four different communication styles - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

  • Determine your natural style, learn clues for reading other people's styles and apply methods for interacting more effectively with communication styles that aren’t the same as yours.

  • Understanding HOW a person does what they do and says what they say

  • Using DISC to Adapting behaviors using DISC to succeed in the workplace

  • Increase Productivity, Strengthen Relationship, help you develop strategies to bridge differences

  • Give your team members the tools and people skills they need to understand and appreciate the differences in the people they work with

  • You will identify your own style, participate in individual and group activities and learn how to communicate better and appreciate the unique strengths and differences of others

Your values, motivations, and personality has the power to drive your success or your failure at work or at home.

Bring DiSC teambuilding workshop/training and discover the four basic personality/communication styles and how the styles blend, clash and interact with others.

What is included?

  • 4hr-6hr training

  • The John Maxwell Leadership Game

  • Painting event -supplies provided.


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