Cornerstone Impact’s mission is to lead by enabling conversations that strengthen leaders, build strong teams, improve communication, promote diversity & inclusion and maximize potential for individuals and organizations using innovative strategies and centuries-old traditions.

We are a company built on my grandfather’s inspiration. My grandfather, living in a village called Gakoe, Kenya, was referred to as the cornerstone of the village as many people sought his help and guidance on many matters revolving around community dynamics, family, leadership, conflict resolution, faith/spiritual development and relationship building. He believed that half of the problems would be solved if people opened up and communicated sooner and more clearly.

Through my grandfather, broken relationships were mended, leaders were challenged, inspiration brewed, and families strengthened. Many of these conversations happened around the fire; my grandfather taught us that sitting around the fire, is a place for meaningful conversations, where lessons are taught through storytelling and thoughtful questions. It is a place of encounter for people to know each other, share stories, strengthen one another, pray together and build each other up. It is a place for communion.

We at, Cornerstone Impact, invite leaders and individuals to "gather around the fire" to have deep and impactful conversations that inspire them to build better businesses and organizations, drive results, equip and empower their teams, have tough conversations, brainstorm new ideas, and navigate changes and difficult moments. We aim to strengthen your team and build a community within your organization.

Cornerstone Impact has 3 stepping stones:




Within these we work to:


1.       Form leaders and advance their leadership abilities

2.       Strengthen teams through communication training and team building

3.       Facilitate Legacy Dialogues- connecting the elderly and accomplished leaders and individuals

4.       Transform youth and young adults through empowerment and mentorship.


Cornerstone Impact grows businesses and organizations by growing their people.


Any organization or business grows in as much as the leaders grow themselves and develop their teams


We perform need analysis on:

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Teams, team dynamics, and relationships

  • Belief Systems

  • Training and Coaching.

We provide:

  • Communication training

  • Leadership training

  • Team building activities

  • Motivational speaking to re-energize your team

  • Personal Growth and professional development training

  • 1:1 Coaching and group coaching


The tools we use are:

  • DISC Assessment & Workshops


  • 360 assessment

  • Team Building

Our Mission

Cornerstone Impact’s mission is to Lead by Enabling conversations that Strengthen Teams, Enhance Faith, Deepen Relationships & Share Legacies using centuries-old traditions to build communities.



John is the founder of Cornerstone Impact. John’s passion and enthusiasm for helping others reach their potential, enhance their faith, strengthen teams and deepen relationships has always been a big part of his life. Being very close to his grandfather taught him that there are three “valuable stones” Faith, Relationships, and Serving others through meaningful action (Leadership). John learned and believes that cultivating these three areas are essential building blocks for each individual, company or organization.


As an elementary student in Kenya, John tutored many other students and quickly realized that inspiring and motivating others is his true calling. He received a Bachelor of Educative Arts in Teaching and Math and worked as an adjunct professor at several colleges in Kenya. John also Co-Founded and was Program Director of Young Professionals in National Policy (YPNP), an NGO that trains young people on leadership and good governance through the promotion of Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Peace, and Participation.

Through teaching and his work with YPNP, he not only had a chance to educate and train leaders, but also a chance to inspire and coach his students and colleagues. In 2012, he came to the United States and worked in the finance industry for five years. John then decided to leave his work in finance behind to follow his passion and return to his teaching roots by starting a professional speaking, training and consulting company.


John has been trained and certified by the John Maxwell Team as a speaker, trainer and coach and has worked with diverse businesses, schools, churches, individuals, and nonprofits to develop and train their employees (students/parishioners) on personal and professional topics such as leadership, communication, sharing your story, personal/professional coaching and facilitating team building activities.

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